2018 From the Former Interim MSU Billings Chancellor

Dear friends of wine, food, and MSU Billings,

Welcome to Montana State University Billings and the 2018 Wine & Food Festival. Thank you for joining us as we gather for the 26th anniversary of this extraordinary event.

It has been an honor to serve as the Interim Chancellor for MSU Billings. I feel grateful to have worked with the exceptional faculty, staff and students that make up this amazing institution. Pris and I have experienced great community support from Billings and Eastern Montana for MSU Billings during my time here.

I trust that you will provide the same warm welcome for our new MSU Billings Chancellor, Dr. Dan Edelman, and his wife Sandee. I know that Dan shares a similar commitment to helping each student reach his or her educational, professional, and personal goals.

The funds raised during the Wine & Food Festival provide scholarships for students attending MSU Billings. During the festival, you will have the opportunity to hear from some of these students about their challenges and achievements, their plans and dreams. After hearing how their lives have been transformed, I am sure that you will share my confidence in their future.

The festival requires the creative talents of scores of volunteers. Ms. Jeanne Moller leads the team and directs the festival’s planning, assisted by co-chairs Sheila Christopherson and Stacey Suydam. The MSU Billings Foundation staff and board of trustees provide assistance, led by President and CEO Bill Kennedy. The festival would not happen without the support and assistance of its many partners and sponsors.

Please enjoy great conversations, fantastic food, and amazing wines, and take part in the many educational experiences offered throughout the Wine & Food Festival. Thank you for your support of MSU Billings!

Dr. Ron Larsen
Former Interim MSU Billings Chancellor
Pris Larsen