Jacket Giving Day

Thank you for YOUR impact on our students at Montana State University Billings by participating in ‘Jacket Giving Day on Thursday, March 24. Click here to see the results! 


Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Chancellor’s Priorities
          Chancellor’s Excellence Awards
          Yellowjacket Access Scholarship
          Finish Line Scholarship
          Make an impact at MSUB!

City College CNA Simulation Lab Expansion

City College Nursing “Anne” Simulator – Full Body Mannequin

College of Business: The Roberta Stewart scholarship endowment fund

College of Business: Student Marketing Club

College of Education: Undergraduate Scholarship

College of Education: Graduate Scholarship

College of Health Professions and Science: MSUB Outdoor Learning Space in Memory of Norm Schoenthal

College of Health Professions and Science: Dean’s Fund

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Elk River Writing Project

College of Liberal Arts: Experiential Learning Fund

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: Exhibiting Artist and Residency Program

International Student Emergency Relief Fund

MSUB Library: Updating Library Study Rooms Project

MSUB Honors Program: Travel-Study Experience


Native American Achievement Center: Support for the Annual Powwow, April 1st & 2nd, 2022

Yellowjacket Athletics
          The Alterowitz Experience
          Yellowjacket Athletic Excellence
          Yellowjacket Athletic Training
          Yellowjacket Athletics Scholarships
          Yellowjacket Baseball
          Yellowjacket Golf
          Yellowjacket Pool
          Yellowjacket Soccer
          Yellowjacket Softball
          Yellowjacket Track and Field/Cross Country
          Yellowjacket Triathlon
          Yellowjacket Volleyball

For more information, contact Nick Schmidt, Senior Development Officer – Yellowjacket Athletics at nick.schmidt@msubfoundation.com

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