Who We Are

The MSU Billings Foundation & Alumni is an independent, non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3). A volunteer board of trustees, composed of community leaders, guides the foundation in achieving its mission. Our staff is dedicated to achieving the foundation’s goals and serving and assisting Montana State University Billings donors, supporters, students, and faculty.


The Montana State University Billings Foundation was founded in 1968 to advance the goals of Montana State University Billings by:

  • Establishing lifelong relationships with university students, parents, faculty, alumni, friends, and community partners.
  • Creating pathways to success and sustaining them through philanthropy, stewardship, and community engagement.
  • Seeking and nurturing innovative partnerships to support the realization of current and emerging university priorities.
  • Fostering a culture of inclusivity that celebrates diversity on campus and beyond.


The Montana State University Billings Foundation will reduce financial barriers to quality education, enhance the campus experience, and encourage the growth of Montana State University Billings.

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