Rad Tech student Elizabeth Lorash makes good use of alumni scholarship

In these uncertain times, young, bright people like Elizabeth, who are willing to make others’ lives better, reassures us that there can be light in the tunnel. 

Elizabeth Lorash always loved math and science and excelled in school.  She also knew she wanted to have a job in the medical field.  She graduated from Columbus High School, Columbus, Mont., in 2020 with a cumulative GPA of 3.8.   After looking at her options for college, she chose to attend MSU Billings because it was not too big, and City College has a two-year program in radiology.  Like most students, she has to finance her college education.  Her good high school record made it possible for her to receive several scholarships, including an MSUB Alumni scholarship.  Elizabeth qualified for the scholarship because she had a high GPA, and her mother was an alumna of Eastern Montana College.  

Elizabeth is enjoying her first year at MSU Billings.  City College gets high marks from her.  She decided to attend classes on campus and feels that she benefits from interacting with the other students’ instructors.  Because the classes are relatively small, students get individual attention if they need it.  She works two or three days a week at St. John’s, which gives her valuable experience and helps with the finances.  Elizabeth is a realist and estimates that the two-year program will probably be two and a half years. After she earns her degree in radiology, she would like to work in this area.  She also would like to earn a bachelor’s degree from Bellevue University that would enable her to manage cancer patients’ chemotherapy treatments.

Students like Elizabeth rely on support from her Yellowjacket family. Please pay it forward here with a gift to the Alumni Association Scholarship!