Dollar$ and Sense: Why scholarships are essential to MSU Billings students

Bill Kennedy, President & CEO

Let’s face it; college is expensive. The rising cost of tuition and fees is taking a toll on students nationwide.

Here at MSU Billings, we understand the enormous financial burden students shoulder. We also know that an MSU Billings education can position students for success long after leaving our classrooms.

In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Americans with an associate degree had median weekly earnings of $938 compared to just $746 per week for those with a high school diploma. Americans with a bachelor’s degree stood to earn $1,248 per week.

Those are compelling figures, but it gets even better if that degree comes from MSU Billings. According to a 2017 report from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, City College graduates have a 97 percent job placement rate and earn an average starting salary of $55,000 – that’s $5,800 more per year one year after graduation compared to other public two-year Montana colleges. University campus graduates have a 94 percent job placement rate with an average starting salary of $49,654. Compared to other public four-year Montana colleges, our university campus grads earn $4,500 more per year one year after graduation.

You can see that, despite the cost, earning a college degree remains a solid investment. But we must remove financial barriers to success.
This edition will read how students Haylee Koon and Mark Lambott realized their educational dreams because of scholarship support.
You’ll also read about Neil Beyer of Elephas Real Estate Group, who is leveraging his professional success to change the lives of economically challenged students.

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