Diversity is the heartbeat of MSU Billings

Fostering a diverse and inclusive community that reflects Montana and the world helps prepare all students for a global economy. As 2021 advances, MSU Billings continues its unwavering commitment to our unique student body; they are the heartbeat of this university.

Our objective is to encourage an atmosphere that welcomes every student. When students can see themselves in our classrooms, then MSU Billings can better attract, retain, and graduate a diverse student body.

The Native American Achievement Center (NAAC) is one example of employing program support to create a sense of belonging for students. Take a moment to read Sunny Day Real Bird’s article in this issue. You’ll see that by affirming students’ choice of MSU Billings through cultural activities, relationship building, and inclusion, we can help students plot a successful path from high school to the workplace. We’ve highlighted some of the donors who have lent their support to this effort.

And we can’t forget the power of financial assistance, be it connecting students with campus services so they can access federal and tribal aid or coaching students to apply for scholarships. The MSU Billings Foundation has some scholarship support for Native American students – notably the Charles Beardsley Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship for Native American Studies, the Roseanna Chatham Milne Memorial Endowed Scholarship, and the MSU Billings American Indian Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship – but with your help, we can do more.

We need donors like you to partner with us. You are the key to helping MSU Billings students from all walks of life reach their highest potential. Whether you choose to create an endowment, give a financial gift to scholarships, or offer your time and talent, you have the power to impact your community through students.

To learn how you can make a difference or leave a legacy at MSU Billings, please call us at (406) 657-2244 or visit us online www.msubfoundation.com/make-a-gift/donate-today/.