Giving Options

The Foundation’s programs consist of both annual and endowed scholarships. Benefactors have three giving options:

The Pooled Scholarship Fund

Gifts of less than $500 may be placed in the General Scholarship Fund that awards annual scholarships based on the total gifts donated during the year; or, may be pooled with an existing Named Annual Scholarship fund. The Pooled Scholarship Fund gives benefactors who are unable to fund their own scholarships the opportunity to be part of the Scholarship Program.

Named Annual Scholarships

Benefactors pledging $500 annually enjoy the opportunity of naming their scholarship in honor of family members, businesses, etc. Benefactors may also design their own criteria including variables such as grade point expectations, geographical preferences, financial need, and academic course of study. These scholarships often reflect the values and priorities of the contributors. Annual scholarships are continued at the discretion of the benefactor.

Named Endowed Scholarships

A major goal of the Scholarship Program is to create endowed funds as a permanent source of financial support for students in future years. The Named Endowments also offer benefactors great flexibility in criteria, selection, and administration. Named Endowments require a minimum investment of $10,000 that may be given in one sum or paid over five years in annual contributions. Once the $10,000 level is reached, the endowment provides annual awards based on the Foundation’s 4.5% distribution policy with keeps the base value of the gift intact to produce scholarships in perpetuity.

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