Chancellor’s Excellence Awards

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The Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are four-year renewable scholarships funded by the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment. They are an excellent recruiting tool for the University, attracting the best students. Recipients of these prestigious scholarships are the top graduates of their high school who have exhibited outstanding qualities of leadership and service to their school and community. The scholarship is awarded to freshmen entering MSU Billings in September each year. For the first time, the freshmen Chancellor’s Excellence Scholars who begin their education in the fall of 2016 will now receive $4,000 per academic year, with a maximum scholarship award of $16,000 over four years.

One of the Foundation’s goals is to increase scholarship endowments. More specifically, the Foundation would like to increase the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment to provide additional scholarship funding each year. An increased endowment allows flexibility to provide either more Chancellor’s Excellence Awards or to increase the scholarship amount. Another option is to contribute directly to the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship to immediately impact students. This award aids both admissions recruitment and overall retention efforts at MSU Billings.

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