Chancellor’s Excellence Awards

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Each September, the Montana State University Billings chancellor hosts an event that celebrates some of the best and brightest students attending Montana State University Billings. Attending are students who have received the Chancellor’s Excellence Award or the Haynes Foundation scholarships, their families, faculty and staff members from the University, MSU Billings Foundation staff members, community members and donors. Many leave the reception each year expressing how exceptional the students are and how powerful the evening is. For many donors, this is a “must attend” event on their social calendars.

It is not hard to understand why donors want to be there – they have the chance to talk with the students and their families. It is even easier to understand when the current-year seniors give advice to the freshman students. Year after year, the wisdom they share is amazing – a reminder to be involved, give back, try something new and live life to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to strike out into your new adventure, to grow, to become even more. Past Chancellor’s Excellence Scholars have been exceptional students, yes, but so much more. After completing their degrees, many go on to pursue advanced degrees, all the while continuing to serve the communities in which they live. They bring their experiences full-circle into their chosen professions and enrich the lives of others through their service.

The Chancellor’s Excellence Awards are four-year renewable scholarships funded by the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment. They are an excellent recruiting tool for the University, attracting the best students. Recipients of these prestigious scholarships are the top graduates of their high school who have exhibited outstanding qualities of leadership and service to their school and community. The scholarship is awarded to freshmen entering MSU Billings in September each year. For the first time, the freshmen Chancellor’s Excellence Scholars who begin their education in the fall of 2016 will now receive $4,000 per academic year, with a maximum scholarship award of $16,000 over four years.

One of the Foundation’s goals is to increase scholarship endowments. More specifically, the Foundation would like to increase the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment to provide additional scholarship funding each year. An increased endowment allows flexibility to provide either more Chancellor’s Excellence Awards or to increase the scholarship amount. Another option is to contribute directly to the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship to immediately impact students. This award aids both admissions recruitment and overall retention efforts at MSU Billings.

Learn how to help scholars for years to come through this or other endowed scholarships, or by establishing your own scholarship.

Chancellor’s Excellence Award Scholars

Dr. Mark Nook meets with 2016-2017 award recipients Brenna Beckett, Sam Muskat, Carly Schaff, and Sari Robertus.