Scholarships Pave Way for MSUB Students

Dear Yellowjacket Alumni,

As you may know, the MSUB Foundation and alumni association are one – here to serve as the bridge between you and your alma mater. I joined the MSU Billings Foundation last year to help you, our alumni and supporters, and MSUB students as vice president of development. In addition to keeping you connected with your university, an important part of our work is providing scholarship support to new and returning Yellowjackets. Now, perhaps more than ever, MSUB students need our help.

So much has been lost to COVID-19: family, friends, jobs, businesses, health, housing and education. Of course, the expenses of life only keep coming. Many students wonder if the education they started here at MSU Billings can be finished. Students need you – their fellow ‘Jackets – to ensure their educational dreams are still possible.

Scholarships are the answer.

By lessening the burden of the costs of education with a contribution to scholarships, students will continue their education. MSUB students know the importance of receiving a scholarship, and they are grateful for every dollar provided to help them on their journey toward a degree. So often, scholarships make the difference between persevering or withdrawing from school.

Can you imagine having to make a decision like this? Having to choose between persevering in school to invest in your future self, family, career, and earnings or withdrawing to take a job now because of the expenses of life? Many of our students face this juncture today as the result of the coronavirus pandemic.

We know many of you are struggling with the consequences of COVID-19 yourselves. But if you are searching for a way to show your solidarity with those being impacted by the pandemic, a contribution – even a small gift – to scholarships is an excellent choice. Maybe you even received a scholarship when you attended? What better way than to pay it forward now when your help is needed most?

Give to a student where your passion lies, like arts and music, preparing future teachers, business, the trades, athletics, or STEM fields. Your scholarship donation to the department of your choice will directly impact a student. Your gift says you stand with them!

We ask you, if you are able, will you show your support of MSUB students now?

They need you to stand united as the Yellowjacket family. Together, we are the foundation for their future.


Adam Liberty, Vice President of Development
MSU Billings Foundation