Savannah Merritt: A Map to Adulthood

As an out-of-state student, I came to Billings not knowing what the future
held for me in a city in which I had never spent more than two days. I may
not have known anyone, but I did know a small amount of science and that I
was interested in being involved. That interest grew and provided me a
tremendous number of opportunities, like serving in my current role as
student body president. Without the help from MSU Billings and the support
of those around me, I would not have made it this far.

I understand that I will walk away from MSUB with a bachelor’s degree, but
I am also taking away leadership skills I would not have gained elsewhere. I
am thankful for these skills and can say confidently that the degree I am
receiving has ultimately made me a better person – more importantly, a
better leader. A true leader can turn a piece of paper into a map, and
because of the experience I’ve had as an MSUB student, I feel prepared to
do that as I step into the adult world.

There may always be questions about the benefits of pursuing a college
degree, but those benefits are undeniable in Billings. The results of an MSUB
education are reflected on a large scale in our surrounding community. The
students at MSUB have great aspirations – like I do – but also great need.
We appreciate the help the MSUB Foundation offers, even if we can’t always
directly thank the donors that support us.