Stand with the Yellowjacket Family!

These are truly challenging times for Yellowjackets worldwide. The spread of COVID-19 has displaced current students, left alumni without work, and hindered our ability to gather together at fundraising events that are so important to achieving our mission to support MSU Billings. Rest assured, however, that we diligently continue our work remotely to meet our university’s needs.

In this period of uncertainty, one thing is for sure – we stand united as the Yellowjacket family. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, donors and friends support each other across the globe, in tragedy and in triumph.

“I chose to attend MSU Billings because I grew up here; Billings is my home, and I would like to stay and help make this community better. My educational pursuits would not be possible without the support from organizations such as this one. Thank you for believing in me and my dreams.”

Stand for Lilia

These recent circumstances have shown us just how critical our university is to supplying graduates who are ready to lead during times of crisis. Teachers adapt to online cirriculum while schools temporarily close, and medical professionals respond to COVID-19 on the frontlines of our clinics and hospitals. While we may stand at home, distancing ourselves to keep our most vulnerable safe, we stand united in our efforts to minimize the impact of this illness.

The MSU Billings Foundation wants to be a part of the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since many MSU Billings students are non-traditional and 46 percent attend part-time, their challeges won’t end when this illness does. Business closures, job force layoffs, and childcare complications mean most of our students are forced to consider whether continuing their education is possible this fall.

“Teachers can be so influential in student’s lives. The most influential teachers that I had attended MSU Billings, which made me choose this university. As I know the impact this scholarship has on my life, my goal is to pay it forward by impacting the lives of students throughout my career.”

Stand for Rachel

Students like Lilia, studying pre-nursing, and Rachel, pursuing a degree in elementary education, need our help now to ensure they can help humanity weather the storms of the future. Will you stand with the Yellowjacket family to ensure their educational dreams are still possible by making a matched gift to the Montana Access Scholarship? Matching $125,000 allows us to provide 250 students with $1,000 scholarships this fall!

With nearly a century of MSU Billings history, we’ve built a strong foundation for the next 100 years. Thank you for uniting with us to continue a long legacy of quality education and workforce preparedness. If we stand together, we succeed together.

I Stand with MSUB