Dr. Matt Queen: Catalyst for change

A letter to friends of the MSU Billings Foundation by Dr. Matt Queen

In a chemical change, one substance with a unique property, comprised of
atoms in a specific arrangement, is rearranged to form a different substance
with new, unique properties. Catalysis is a fascinating subject in chemistry. In
catalysis, a chemist uses a catalytic substance to speed up a reaction.

Like a chemical substance in a reaction, MSU Billings is changing. We are
changing our physical appearance with the new Yellowstone Science and
Allied Health Building. We are recruiting students with events, like the Atomic
Circus, and we are doing this while developing retention efforts to better
serve the students we already have. There is a constant catalyst that speeds
up the university’s performance — the MSU Billings Foundation.

I had five students doing independent chemistry research in my lab this
academic year. Every one of these students can devote their time to making
meaningful scientific discoveries because of financial assistance they
received from the MSUB Foundation.

In chemical systems, catalysts speed up chemical reactions by lowering
energy barriers to create chemical change. In much the same way, the
MSUB Foundation lowers barriers for institutional and student change. The
foundation is unwavering in its dedication to current students, and they work
tirelessly to make the dreams of MSUB a reality for future students as well.