Other Ways to Give to Students

There are many great ways to invest in Montana State University Billings students. Foundation staff is available to meet with you and your financial advisers to help structure gifts that will achieve family, estate, and financial goals. Fulfill your desire to make a charitable gift to the MSU Billings Foundation and help build a legacy for future generations.

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  • Outright Gifts
  • One-time gift of cash
  • Recurring gifts
  • Matching gifts

Appreciated Securities

  • Stock
  • Real Estate
  • Personal property such as works of art, rare books or coins
  • Planned Gifts


Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts provide income to the you and assets to the MSUB Foundation upon the termination of the trust.
Life Insurance policies wherein our organization is named owner and beneficiary are another excellent planned giving option.

Montana Income Tax Credit for Endowed Philanthropy*

Montana residents considering a planned gift may wish to take advantage of the revised “Montana Income Tax Credit for Endowed Philanthropy.” The following tax credits are available through 2019.

The credit available for individuals making “qualified” planned gifts to Montana endowments will be 40% of the charitable portion of the gift. The direct credit available to corporations and “pass through” entities will be 20% of the value of gifts to Montana endowments.

The Montana Tax Credit for Endowed Philanthropy still provides an amazing incentive for charitable Montanans to promote the common good in their communities, while significantly reducing their tax liability. Compare the cost for an individual in the 35% federal tax bracket making a $20,000 qualifying planned gift to the Montana State University Billings Foundation with and without the tax credit.

  Gift With Tax Credit* Gift Without Tax Credit
Value of Charitable Gift $20,000 $20,000
Less: MT Tax Credit ($8,000) ($2,200)
Fed Tax Savings ($7,000) ($7,000)
Net Cost of Gift $5,000 $10,800
Charitable Gift Annuity

An arrangement combining a charitable contribution with an annuity purchase. The donor transfers assets to the MSU Billings Foundation and in return receives a fixed annual sum for a specified period of time (typically the remainder of the donor’s life). In addition to providing donors and beneficiaries with a predictable revenue stream, charitable gift annuities have the advantages of being easily administered and inexpensive to establish.

Deferred Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity in which payments are deferred to a time specified by you. This plan makes it possible for you to receive an immediate tax deduction and to defer annuity payments until retirement, for instance. The deferred annuity provides a higher annuity payout and a greater charitable deduction than the basic charitable gift annuity.

Charitable Remainder Trust

An irrevocable agreement through which you place assets in trust for the benefit of the MSU Billings Foundation. In exchange, you and/or your beneficiaries receive a percentage of the trust assets each year, as re-valued annually (Charitable Remainder Unitrust), or a fixed income for life (Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust). Trust assets are transferred to the MSU Billings Foundation when you and/or your beneficiaries pass. With proper planning, charitable trusts can be established to provide income tax and capital gains tax savings for you with appreciated assets.

Charitable Lead Unitrusts

A plan in which you place assets in trust, and a percentage of the principal is paid to the MSU Billings Foundation for a specified term. At the conclusion of the term, the assets revert back to you or your heirs. Through such an instrument, you can designate the term during which the MSUB Foundation derives benefit, with the remainder (at term’s end) going to, for example,  your children or grandchildren.

Life Estate Gift

A plan that enables you to transfer personal property (e.g., home, farm, ranch, vacation home, etc.) to the MSU Billings Foundation while retaining the right to use the property for a specified term, generally for the remainder of the your life and/or the life of your spouse. 

Life Insurance Agreement – A plan by which you transfer ownership of a life insurance policy to the MSU Billings Foundation.

Donor Designations for Endowed Funds

Many donors wish to name their funds and to designate the utilization of annual earnings in perpetuity. For example, you may wish to designate the proceeds for use by a particular department, such as Biology or English, or you may wish to establish a scholarship with specific criteria using the annual proceeds to fund the award. 

There are many wonderful opportunities for you to help MSU Billings students. We can guide you in making a gift to the University that is personally gratifying to you and also blends with the objectives of MSU Billings.