Annual Drive for Excellence

Through the generous support of alumni, friends, and businesses, the Annual Drive for Excellence at Montana State University Billings provides educational enhancements and allows the University to change people’s lives. Your gift, of whatever amount, to the Annual Drive positively impacts students, faculty, and academic programs. Gifts to the Annual Drive for Excellence are most effective when they can be used for current needs, but they may be restricted to a particular college, program, or scholarship.


Gifts to the Annual Drive for Excellence give many students the gift of opportunity. They are used for immediate needs such as scholarships, classroom tools, study aids, library materials, laboratory supplies, computers, faculty enrichment, and program enhancement. Click on a topic below to find out more:


Scholarships are perhaps the most significant way donors touch the lives of students. More than 85% of MSU Billings students receive some type of financial assistance.

Equipment and Materials

Up-to-date equipment, computers, and classroom materials are integral to a quality education. Annual gifts make it possible to keep library materials, technology, laboratory supplies and study aids current.

Faculty Enrichment

Faculty enrichment is vital to educational excellence at MSU Billings. We are proud of our exceptional faculty and strive to provide every opportunity to expand their teaching skills. Annual gifts help to ensure faculty members attend conferences and complete research in their fields.

Program Enhancement

Exceptional programs are the cornerstone of MSU Billings. Ongoing program enhancement reflects our commitment to “Access and Excellence.” With your help, programs can be added or expanded to meet the needs of the students and the community.


Choose one of the following giving methods:


Cash is often the most convenient form of giving. Cash gifts are fully deductible for income tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized.

Matching Gifts

Did you know it is possible to double or even triple the value of your gift to MSU Billings if your company matches employee contributions to higher education? Many companies also match the gifts of retirees, spouses, and surviving spouses.


Securities may be used as outright gifts, as a pledge payment, or to establish a deferred gift. Stock certificates may be assigned directly to the Montana State University Billings Foundation or may be electronically transferred through the donor’s broker. The average market value of the stocks on the date of transfer will determine the value of the gift for tax purposes. In addition to receiving federal and state tax deductions based on the full fair market value, capital gains tax is avoided when stock is transferred directly to the Foundation. Please consult with a Foundation staff member before a transaction is made to secure asset transfer information. For general questions regarding securities, contact the Foundation office.


Pledges enable a donor to consider a more significant gift than would have been otherwise possible. Terms for payment on pledges are flexible and at the discretion of the donor.

Online Giving

Our safe and secure website allows you to make a gift 24 hours a day and is a quick and easy way to make a gift or to pay a pledge. Give now with our electronic donation form.

Planned Giving

Foundation staff is available to meet with donors and their financial advisers to help structure gifts that will achieve family, estate, and financial goals while fulfilling their desire to make a charitable gift to the MSU Billings Foundation and help build a legacy for future generations.


The Annual Drive for Excellence is comprised of different outreach methods, including the following.

Community/Scholarship Drive

Community Drive for Excellence is a massive volunteer effort to encourage alumni, community members, MSU Billings faculty and staff, and businesses to invest in Montana State University Billings.


The Phonathon provides an opportunity for curr

ent students to communicate on a personal level with alumni. More importantly, it is a great opportunity to ask alumni to financially support the University.

Direct Mail

All our alumni and friends are given the opportunity to make gifts through various mailed information. When you receive a request for support, please take a moment to review the funding needs that appeal to you. Whatever the amount of your gift, it will make a difference.

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