Love is in the Air… On Campus!

College is a place where life changing experiences happen. Making new friends, pursuing a degree, and creating memories that stay with you for a lifetime. For these MSUB and EMC grads, college was also a time to make lifelong memories with their life partners.

For Katie and Michael Hildebrand, MSUB was a place to create lasting memories as a couple and have first time experiences. The Hildebrand’s remember MSUB fondly, “Our first year at MSUB together we were given the opportunity to travel to San Diego for the regional meet. It was our first time visiting the ocean together… So many great friendships were formed on this campus. It was such an enjoyable time in our lives!”. The Hildebrand’s continue live in Billings and work just down the street from campus at St. Vincent healthcare putting their MSUB degrees to good use. Katie and Michael share this advice for couples, “Communicate, celebrate the small accomplishments, make time for each other, and remember to take a little time for yourself too”.

Jenna and Richard Buksch had a love that flourished at Montana State University Billings. Although they met in high school, MSUB brought the Buksch’s closer together. One of Jenna’s favorite memories at MSUB was “Grabbing a coffee or lunch at Stingers and listening to Richie talk about science. The food was great, and the company was pretty great too.”. The Buksch’s now reside in Bozeman where they are both continuing their education. For future couples they give the advice to “Be adaptable. Life is difficult sometimes with the curveballs it throws you. Learn to take the obstacles as they come and work through them together.”

Eastern Montana College graduates, Nate and Jeannie Tracy, met on the 8th floor of Petro hall. As Nate and Jeannie continued college, they created more experiences together. The Tracy’s favorite experiences at EMC were “being involved student leaders. We were in student government, UAB (student activities board), Ras, Orientation leaders, and more. The experiences, groups of friends, retreats, and college activities were truly an amazing experience.” For Nate and Jeannie EMC was a special place where their 26-year long relationship grew stronger. Nate and Jeannie express the impact EMC had on them “It has been great to both have large extended families, 3 great kids, and many, many friends we have from college and from living in Billings for 30 years that we spend time with.”

Patrick and Aurora Krebs enjoyed their time on campus by learning together. A favorite memory of theirs at MSUB is “Taking our classes together was so nice, especially Biochemistry. We each got to share our major with each other and help each other to grow.”. The Krebs are both continuing their education in the field of science and have welcomed two children into their family. The advice they give to couples is to “Be patient and know that you are both trying your best. Make time for each other – even if it’s in the moments between homework and putting the kids to bed. You will remember those little moments, and not the big fights.”