How ‘Jacket Giving Day changed my life

I graduated with the class of 2019 from Three Forks High School. I had a passion for working with my hands; college piqued my interest but seemed so far out of my reach. I had saved money from several jobs, but for a small-town kid, the cost of college was intimidating. Looking back, I would not have been able to do it without the generous support of donors. The benefits of receiving a scholarship go much further than helping to financially support a student.

To me, a scholarship meant that someone out there believed I could do it, even if at first, I had my own doubts. MSU Billings was an easy choice for me after meeting the instructors and seeing how the classes functioned day-to-day. I chose to major in Autobody and Collision Repair after meeting Steven Wodrich, the instructor. Coming from a small high school, I was afraid that I would be overwhelmed by the college experience. Mr. Wodrich made the transition very easy. He took time to ensure I understood his lessons and always found ways to motivate the class to do our best. He has done a wonderful job preparing us for success after college. Every student has been given countless opportunities to meet professionals in our field, and we all have solid ideas of how to turn our education into a career postgraduation.

We have worked on several goals in our program, but nothing has been more rewarding than the SimSpray project. The friendly ‘Jacket Giving Day is Thursday, February 25. Join us in supporting the projects, scholarships, and programs you love! How ‘Jacket Giving Day changed my life competition to raise money created by ‘Jacket Giving Day motivated us to raise as much money as we could, but still, our goal was large. When the final totals came in, it was the donors and the MSUB Foundation who really gave life to our project. We had a blast setting up and learning how to use our new SimSpray. The SimSpray gives us the opportunity to master important techniques used in painting cars such as spray angle, distance to the panel, and paint coverage in an interactive and score-based way. Overall, the continued support from donors have helped me focus on my studies and passions, and less on the financial aspect of a higher education. It has helped me, and my classmates, focus on future careers we will enjoy, and not just jobs to keep us afloat after we graduate in May of 2021. It seems most students I know have been helped in some way by the Foundation, whether it was on a personal level with scholarships or by making goals within our program a reality, such as with the SimSpray.