Haynes Foundation grants $1.1M endowment to MSU Billings

BILLINGS GAZETTE — Montana State University Billings will add more than $1 million to its scholarship endowments, thanks to a gift from the Haynes Foundation.

MSU Billings Foundation President Bill Kennedy announced the endowment on Wednesday, Oct. 26. The Haynes Foundation endowment of $1,165,749 will add to MSU Billings’s scholarship bank in perpetuity.

“It keeps on building our endowment to help more Montana students,” Kennedy said.

The Haynes Foundation has previously awarded scholarships to MSU Billings students in the past. Kennedy said that 965 students have received them since 1983. But the endowment will keep that scholarship at the Billings university.

The scholarship will go to undergraduate students who were previously at Montana high schools.

The Haynes Foundation is named for Jack and Isabel Haynes, who owned and operated The Haynes Picture Shop in Yellowstone National Park. The family photographs were well-known to park visitors.

The foundation was formed in 1958.

The gift will add to the MSU Billings Foundation’s nearly $22 million in endowments. That foundation is the main fundraising and scholarship arm of MSU Billings.

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