Elizabeth Taddei, Class of ’15

Elizabeth (Mullins) Taddei grew up believing that college wasn’t an option for her. So, she enlisted in the U.S. Navy to serve as a linguist. On the verge of yet another promotion, she left her nine-year career to pursue a biology degree at MSU Billings. Stepping foot onto campus for the first time at the age of 27 overwhelmed Taddei. Fortunately, her professors helped her overcome the shock of being back in school.

“They helped me realize that succeeding was not only attainable, but something that could become a reality,” Taddei said.

A new chance is possible

While studying at MSUB, Taddei became an award-winning student. She won an award for her biomedical research at a regional conference and received the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship. Now, as she studies to become a physician, her intensive science background from MSUB helps her stand out among her peers.

When Taddei graduates as a lieutenant, she plans to begin a three-year residency in internal medicine at Naval Medical Center, San Diego.

“Afterwards, I plan to pursue a three-year fellowship in order to specialize in intensive care medicine,” she said. 

Taddei faces deployment with a Navy or Marine unit for up to two years. It is a possibility both during and after her residency.

“Regardless of if that happens or not, my plans remain the same—to finish my internal medicine training and become a pulmonary/critical care physician,” said Taddei.

As she continues to achieve, she remains grateful for the support she received as a nontraditional student who was starting over at MSUB.

“It was a launching point to help me start the next chapter in my life. The faculty, staff, and friends that I made at MSUB really helped me realize my potential through a very difficult time of transition in my life,” Taddei said. “It’s amazing what we can do when we’re given the chance.”

By Hannah Olson, public relations assistant
MSU Billings Alumni Association