Support Dual Enrollment at MSU Billings

Traditionally, students only attend college once they graduate high school, but that is no longer the case. Students like Jordan Roe prove they can do both at the same time!

Over 900 high school students across Billings and our region are taking college-level courses this spring through MSU Billings’ High School Connections and University Connections programs. These innovative dual enrollment programs expose high schoolers to the rigors of college work. Plus, high school students receive their college credits at a reduced cost, reducing the burden of future college debt. 

The plans for these dynamic programs call for career pathways to prepare students for a career, such as teaching or a trade. Learn more about enhancing High School Connections and University Connections. Join us at the dual enrollment luncheon on April 15 at noon in the Glacer Room at MSUB. RSVP to (406) 657-2246 today!