Dr. David Butler: Fostering a Future for Research

I have been a teacher and researcher at MSU Billings for 24 years. My research interests center around the genetics and molecular biology of fungi. I study the genes that control fungal growth and chemicals with unique antifungal properties. Perhaps the most gratifying part of my research has been working with and mentoring many talented undergraduates, like DJ McGee. Through research, students gain a deeper understanding of science that propels them to success beyond MSUB. I have been proud to see many of my students go on to become physicians, dentists, veterinarians and laboratory scientists.

As I watch the new Yellowstone Science and Health Building rise from the south parking lot, I can’t help but be optimistic about the future of MSUB and its science program. Upcoming generations of students will be able to learn and conduct research in a state-of-the-art science education facility. The building features newly-designed classrooms, open common spaces that foster student-faculty interaction, as well as modern teaching and research laboratories. I am confident that our students will be even better prepared for life after MSUB.

This would not be possible without the dedication and altruism of the MSU Billings Foundation. The Foundation engaged a multitude of donors dedicated to a brighter future for our campus and our students. This incredible organization spent countless hours raising money for the new science building and scholarships to support our students. Please consider a donation to support science education at MSU Billings.