Aurora and Patrick Krebs

Patrick and Aurora Krebs
1. How long have you been married/together?
a. We have been married about 7 years now.
2. How did you meet?
a. We met while playing a friend’s dungeons and dragons game while Patrick was attending UM.
3. When did you and your partner graduate?
a. We graduated and walked together in May of 2019. It was such a sweet experience to share.
4. What is your favorite MSUB/EMC memory together?
a. Taking our classes together was so nice, especially Biochemistry. We each got to share our major with each other and help each other to grow.
5. How has your life changed since MSUB/EMC? What are you doing now?
a. Patrick is currently getting his PhD in Analytical Chemistry at UM, and Aurora is working as an Associate Scientist and Hiring Manager at Expesicor. We still help each other to grow, whether it is taking care of the kids so the other person can get time in the lab, or quizzing each other on coursework.
6. What relationship advice do you have for others?
a. Be patient and know that you are both trying your best. Make time for each other – even if it’s in the moments between homework and putting the kids to bed. You will remember those little moments, and not the big fights.