August letter to alumni from Gillette Vaira

Some call summer in Montana “construction season” – but I call it “car show season”! This year, attending car-centered events has taken on new meaning, as we work to plan the first-ever Homecoming Car Show at MSU Billings on October 5!

I’m taking every opportunity to spread the word. This summer alone, I’ve gone to car shows in Billings, Helena, Philipsburg, and Spokane. I even handed out flyers to cars that were in the Cody Fourth of July parade!

Show and tell

As I’ve promoted the Homecoming Car Show – I’ve had the honor of meeting alumni. At the Hardee’s Car Show in Billings, I met an EMC alumnus who told me about his days on campus and his life’s work in business. In Helena at the Blast from the Past car show, I met two alumni who shared stories with me from their EMC days and their thoughts on changes at their alma mater. Then, I met an entire family of MSU Billings alumni with muscle cars galore at the Muscle Car Club of Billings car show!

And these car enthusiasts are excited to be a part of their alma mater’s car show! One alumnus and his wife took a batch of flyers to hand out at a car show they would be attending that I couldn’t make. (I was at another car show across the state!) You see, they knew I couldn’t do this alone. They stepped in because they want this historic car show to also be a success.

Rollin’ in

Is there a car show coming to a town near you? Please think about helping us out and passing out flyers! I’m happy to print off flyers and mail them to you, and would sure appreciate your support.

To alumni who are car enthusiasts, friends or family of car enthusiasts, or who simply enjoy checking out a good car show now – SAVE THE DATE! We’ll be rollin’ into the MSU Billings parking garage on October 5, and you won’t want to miss it.

With enthusiasm,

Gillette Vaira, M.A.
Director of Alumni Relations
MSU Billings Class of 2009
(406) 247-5781 |