Alumni Advisory Steering Committee Task Forces

Each Task Force shall work in collaboration with the Director of Alumni Relations and Alumni Relations staff to ensure objectives, goals, and outcomes are met.

Alumni Outreach and Recruitment Task Force

  • Responsible for connecting with alumni to encourage them to engage in the Alumni Association and/or apply to serve on the Alumni Advisory Steering Committee
  • Spearheads recruitment and nomination processes
  • Plans outreach and recruitment programs in Billings, as well as throughout Montana and the nation. This includes city team development.

Outstanding Alumni Awards and Alumni Scholarships Task Force

  • Responsible for assisting Alumni Relations staff in developing and implementing an annual Outstanding Alumni Awards program to recognize alumni and one non-alumnus/a. Current Alumni Advisory Steering Committee members, as well as Outstanding Alumni Awards and Alumni Scholarships Task Force members, shall not be eligible for nomination.
  • Responsible for reviewing student applications that meet the criteria set to qualify for the Alumni Association Scholarships. Members shall review and make recommendations to the Alumni Advisory Steering Committee for the upcoming year’s recipients. Members are also responsible for assisting in the development of funds to contribute toward scholarships.

Alumni Events and Special Projects Task Force

  • Responsible for exploring and implementing endeavors that generate funds to support the Alumni Association’s programs and initiatives.
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of special events the Alumni Association hosts or assists in hosting.