Alumni Teams



What is an alumni team?

An alumni team is a group of alumni that forms in a geographically distinct region and provides a forum to engage with MSU Billings through opportunities for friendship, networking, and service. By forming or joining an alumni team, you will have the unique opportunity to rebuild and reconnect with MSU Billings alongside alumni in your region.


The core of an alumni team is its members who share the common bonds of a geographic region and being alumni of MSU Billings. By forming an alumni team, alumni can expect to transform these bonds into lifelong friendships through opportunities to plan and partake in social events. By meeting certain criteria, an alumni team may be eligible to receive funding for events like picnics, receptions, and sports outings. Alumni teams are encouraged to plan events and activities that best meet the needs of their alumni base. So get creative! The sky is the limit when it comes to the plans that can be made when MSU Billings alumni come together.


Forming an alumni team brings together recent alumni with those who graduated from years past. MSU Billings alumni represent a diverse network that is more than 31,000 strong, and counting! Alumni teams are encouraged to create opportunities to establish and grow the professional network of alumni in the areas they serve. Bringing alumni together is a great way to build formal and informal connections that can lead to career opportunities including informational interviews, jobs, professional growth, gaining new clients and other partnerships, and mentorship. Beyond making a connection, regular alumni team meetings can ensure that these connections are maintained.


Alumni looking to establish an alumni team are also encouraged to help current MSU Billings students and the communities in which they are formed. Help to ensure that future alumni have the same great experiences as you did in college! There are plenty of opportunities to help current students including donating to the MSU Billings Foundation and volunteer opportunities like helping to recruit and retain new students, serving on a committee to select scholarship recipients, and serving as a mentor. Alumni teams also have the opportunity to connect with the communities they serve by building bonds with community members, leaders, and organizations.

Are you ready to start an alumni team? We’ve got you covered with the tools to connect with alumni in your town!

Alumni Teams Charter Event Planning Guide