A letter from our friend Norma Cleveland

Today I see the promise of a great future at MSU Billings. However, it is difficult to look toward the future without taking a trip down memory lane.
As a non-traditional student, I came to Eastern Montana College in the 70s, excited for the prospect of earning a degree. This was a great
opportunity for me and one which would set an example for my young son. I remember coming on campus not knowing if I would succeed, but that fear vanished immediately. I have been rewarded with lifelong friendships, and I’ve continued to be involved with the university since then.

A significant highlight of my campus involvement was my time on the Alumni Association board. The amazing success of MSU Billings/EMC alumni is beyond words, and the stories of their campus experiences are heartfelt. They continue to share appreciation for the opportunity to obtain a degree.

The Wine & Food Festival is a cause I have also been dedicated to for many years. Festival events are an outstanding way to generate scholarship dollars for students. Giving students a chance to attend college with the help of a scholarship is one of the best gifts!

The new Yellowstone Science and Allied Health Building, and the many degrees, online classes and options at City College and the university are signs of a bright future. MSUB is blessed to have a chancellor who is engaged and keeps students as the first consideration.

Yes, I was once afraid of all the possibilities, but MSU Billings/EMC helped secure my life and remains part of my past, present and future.