A letter from our friend Donna Fredericks

There’s nothing quite like a college campus in the fall. The colorful leaves dropping from trees, glimpses of the first boots and sweaters as students hurry by, and, at least on a Montana campus, the guys who will be seen throughout the thick of winter in shorts and flip-flops are all indicative of the changing season. The feeling of it takes me back to 40 years ago, and the nostalgia of my time at Eastern Montana College (now Montana State University Billings) sweeps over me.

I am thankful for so many things: the education that allowed me a rewarding career; the chance to come back to my alma mater and teach part time; and the community members and colleagues who shared the same college days and surround me still in my role as chair of the foundation’s board of trustees. These friends give me encouragement, advice, leadership and inspiration – much as they did when I was an impressionable freshman.

Lifelong relationships are made on campus, and Billings is brimming with evidence of that. I see good things happening at MSUB. Along with crisp fall atmosphere, there is something else that’s nearly tangible in the air this time of year – the pride in knowing the students we help today will go on to do great things. Those students will forever shape their communities and leave their marks on the world. As an alumna, educator, business owner, volunteer and friend, I’m very honored to be a part of that and hope you are, as well.