A Letter from Our Friend Alisha Breen

Six years ago, I moved to Billings as an apprehensive 18-year-old from a town of less than 2,000 people. I knew nothing of Montana State University Billings, other than an interest in me playing for its basketball team. If you would have told me then that six years later I would have found a second home and an opportunity to give back to the university that gave me so much, I would have said “no way.”

I played five years for MSUB where I met my best friends, went to the regional tournament three times, and advanced to the Elite 8 once. I have countless memories from the court, and just as many from the time I spent on campus, in the classroom, and around the staff. Receiving an athletic scholarship helped me complete my health and human performance degree with minors in both business management and coaching.

Now, as assistant coach for the women’s basketball program, I am grateful to help shape the athletes that walk the same halls I did. Montana State University Billings is the perfect example of the Division II motto: “Life in the balance.” I’ve attended the hall of fame banquet four times and seen firsthand the rich history we have as an athletic department. Coaches and athletes alike are very proud to be Yellowjackets. I’m excited to be part of the future athletic careers of many teenagers that hopefully, like me, not only find a wonderful university, but a second home and family at MSUB.