5 Reasons to Help MSUB Students

Reason #1

“I am the mother of four and the wife of a business manager. To be able to work less and focus on my studies more is so significant in my ability to keep a high GPA and become a great nurse.”


Reason #2

“As a student who comes from humble beginnings, I am no stranger to the value of a dollar. I have spent many years scraping by with just enough money to pay bills and provide the necessities.”


Reason #3

“With this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education into the upcoming fall and spring semester. With graduation close at hand, scholarships allow me to finish my biology degree.” 


Reason #4

“Throughout my academic career, I have always held a job in order to support my wife and myself. While I will still work, a scholarship makes it so money is not as present of a concern.”


Reason #5

Right now, your gift is doubled – along with your impact! You can guarantee students have access to education with the Montana Access Scholarship.



The state of Montana is matching every dollar that is contributed to the Montana Access Scholarship – up to $221,789. For a limited time, your investment in students will double your impact helping Montana students like Jessy, David and Agustus. Their success is our success. 

Will you invest in the future of MSU Billings
students and our community?

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